What is?

Τι είναι

It is a liquid fermentation solution of microbial origin, a product of nanotechnology, which strengthens the immune system of plants, helps them to grow, not to fall ill, to make delicious fruit and not to freeze in winter.

It is NOT a chemical.



Natural form: yellow-orange liquid

Density: 1.05 g / Ml, Electrical conductivity: 22.5 mmho / cm, Ph: 4.5, Nitrogen: 1.5%, Phosphorus: 0.16%, Potassium: 1.0%, Iron: 40 mg / L, Manganese: 120 mg / L, Zinc: 100 mg / L, Copper: 5 mg / L

Brief description


A few words about EcoPlant

Many producers are talking about EcoPlant


Many producers in Greece and abroad chose EcoPlant and saw the results.

Frequent questions

Yes it is 100% biological and ecological, with all the necessary certifications and marketing authorizations.

Yes it can be used on all plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, forests and any kind of cultivation, without any restrictions.

Of course, you will help them grow and make beautiful flowers.

EcoPlant can be used to prevent yard sprays, stables and pets (mosquitoes, fleas, lice, insects, worms, etc.) in 1:25 dilutions.

We have a generic way to use 1:25 for root and 1: 100 for leaves. Contact us for any special case or clarifications.

No, it’s not toxic, it’s not dangerous, you can grab it with your hands without any problem.

Fungi, Bacteria, Insects, Worms, Lice, Caterpillars, Perennial Seeds, Cotton, Duck, Nitrate, Macrada, and more.

Yes, it is combined with all pesticides without harmful derivatives.

Yes the EcoPlant product can be impregnated into zeolite for short-term release.

Available in packs of 60ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L.

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